Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bear World

 The other day we decided to to take the kids to Yellow stone, since we live 2 hours away, and they have never been. We packed up the cooler, and hit the road. We were in for a long, fun, day in the car, looking for animals in the wild.
20 minets down the started.
"Mom, are we almost there?", then "How much longer do we have to be in the car?", and "this isn't any fun!", repeated several times.

We soon passed a fun little place called "Bear world", I said jokingly to Craig "we should just go there, and tell them it's Yellow Stone". we looked at each other, and realized we were thinking the same thing.

Carter was our Animal photographer for the day.
We saw wolves, bears, moose, dear, elk, Buffalo, baby dear, and lots more.

I have to say, It was the best day trip to Yellow Stone I've ever had;)


Alyssa said...

ha ha ha I love it!!!! I like the one with your little girl looking down at the stump.

Tasha said...

Ha ha ha ha! Thats awesome! looks so fun!