Tuesday, October 11, 2011


These two go together like tom & Jerry!
They might do their best to get the other in trouble, drive each other crazy....and sometimes the rest of us in the process, but what would they ever do without each other? sometimes they can't seem to live together, so I'll separate them, and pretty soon I'll find one or the other sneaking in to be back together.
They are biggest rivals, and best friends all at once. What a pair they are.

 Here is Layla trying to make Carter feel better when he didn't find many Easter eggs

 playing with my phone, taking pictures of themselves

hanging out at the park, laughing at some crazy person.

They remind me of my arch enemy turned best friend...Paul.
We LOVED to get each other in trouble, make each other cry, beat the other at anything and everything, and call the meanest name. But, if anyone else tried to do any of those things to us, we stood up for the other with all the loyalty and love in the world.

I'm Thankful for big brothers.

p.s. I've been sewing:) and soon will have a tutorial for your enjoyment. stay tuned.

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