Monday, October 27, 2008

carving pumpkins

we carved the pumpkins tonight for fhe, good times. Layla only lasted a few minutes, and then she started asking us to put her to bed. That is kind of sad when your kids have to ask is they can go to bet. lol. Carter had fun taking pictures, and craig got really into carving his bat pumpkin. I must say, it turned out pretty dang sweet.
My primary is going to do trunk or treat on friday night, but I haven't really participated in it befor, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me? I am soooo open to ideas. The more the marrier


Tasha said...

Your pumpkins are sweet!!! How fun! We really miss you guys! But great friends are forever!! Give the kids hugs for us and tell craig hi!! Love you guys!

Becky said...

Susan- Your blog is so fun and it makes me wish we lived closer and could spend more time with you guys. Congratualtions on the new calling. (I think that's okay to say) See you in a few weeks.

Mark and Kristen said...

Hey! We had our trunk-or-treat last Satuday. Are you decorating your car? Or just taking the kids around? If you are decorating the SUV - I have seen one where they did a grave yard - and made grave stones out of cardboard and painted them - then put dried ice behind so it fogged up the back of the car, and I think the person handing out the candy was dressed as a mummy or a dead something-or-another. But you could always try that! I have a bunch of ideas - I'll tell you about them tomorrow when we talk. THe pumpkins look great! :) Great job! I hope we carve pumpkins this year! :) Oh! And Carter is quite the photographer!