Monday, May 25, 2009

Black eye cutie pie

Layla had a fight with her dresser in the process of falling out of bed...and the dresser won. It was actually one of those moments when you feel like "Man, I am an awful Mom!", and wonder if you should really be spawning. She had been sleeping really bad the past few nights, so I would run to her when I heard her cry, and she would go right back to sleep. This night I decided I was going to let her get herself back to sleep. She started crying at 3:30, and I told myself "Susan, let her cry, she is ok. She will go right back to bed. Just leave her". I was wrong. She cried for about 20 minutes. I finally went out to her, and there she was standing with blood running down her cheek. HOLY CRAP. That was the freakiest thing ever. It really just scrapped the top layer of skin off, but it looked really bad at first. To make it worse, it was the beginning of Mothers Day. Happy Mothers day to me. haha.
Craig took a picture of me and the kids that make me a Mama. I love these little people more then I could ever explain. Happy (late) Mothers day to all you Mamas.


Alyssa said...

oh, what timing! you're an amazing mom.

Alyssa said...

Susie, I'll be in Pocatello this weekend. Did you get my message on facebook. I hope I get to see you!