Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Day!

So tomorrow is the BIG DAY! It is my Companies first national convention, and I'm the last speaker of the event. That is the one part that makes me nervous, but I"m super excited about the rest of the day.

I have this great friend from the summer I lived in Stanley Idaho, and she has a blog that does a spotlight every Friday. I'm the spotlight of the day today, so you can check it out here
WARNING: may cause you to think less of me after hearing of our shenanigans that summer. My also cause watery eyes, and red cheeks of embarrassment.

Anyway, pray for me not to have a nervous break down this weekend...just keepin it real.

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Tasha said...

Hey! Sorry my good luck is a little late, but I hope that it went well! I am sure you were GREAT!