Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Garden Goodness & Primary program

My Craig and I have wanted to plant a garden ever since we moved into our home 4 years ago, but this was the first year we actually did it. I absolutely LOVE harvesting our home grown goodness, and see the joy on the Chickie's faces as they search for ripe tomatoes. Carter and Layla have had a great time finding "ready food" that they can pick, they love it so much that they can never wait for the tomatoes to be all the way ready. I rally don't mind it, I just love seeing the joy it brings them.

On another note, My primary program was Sunday. The children sat very reverantly, sang their little hearts out, and all gave their parts into the microphone (with exception to my own son, of course) it went really well...other then the fact that we finished 20 minutes early! ummm, yeaaaaa, not so good. I started the program with an introduction, and I didn't plan on speaking again after that. my 2nd counselor was planning on making a couple closing remarks. I think she was going to share a line or two from the family proclamation but...she ended up reading the WHOLE ENTIRE THING! Bless her heart! She did a great job, and managed to take 10 minutes off the clock.
My Craig was conducting, but I saw him go out with our restless little Layla, and han not re graced us with his presence. So my counselor finishes, and sits down, and the Entire chapel is Silent. They all looked at me, as if I was going to work some kind of magic. Not a soul stirred...I desperately looked for my Craig...The Bishop desperately looked at me...I started to panic...looked back at the bishop...chirp, chirp (If there had been crickets in that chapel you would have heard them). The Bishop finally took pity, and came back up to officially end the meeting. Not a moment too soon. I was about to get up and sing a solo or something, and that would not have been a pretty sight...or sound.
Moral of the story...if you're in charge of the program, just fake mono!


Jenny Bobo said...

Ha ha ha!! That is SUPER funny! Only because I haven't done mine yet! It actually makes me a little nervous to be honest with you! Come what may and love it, right?
Nice garden too!

The Simpsons said...

That is really funny! Knock on wood!

Lambsons said...

I thought it was great! The Kids did a great job and the spirit was there!

Tasha said...

WOW! Great job on the veggies! I am impressed! How fun! I am sure that the program was amazing- just like everything else you do! Lots of loves!