Sunday, December 6, 2009

idea help

Do you have Christmas Family traditions that are centered around Christ? I've been asked to help with enrichment this week, and share some ideas, but all I can think of is that we act out the Nativity every year. If you have, or know of any Christ centered Christmas traditions will you please let me know? Thanks in advance. Susan


Motherboard said...

Go to and look at the blog. We did a Q&A with readers on what are their traditions. I think you might find some ideas there.

Good luck.

cabeandmelplus3 said...

Something that my Mother in Law has started with all of us is:
She gave a lesson to all the kids abot the true meaning of Christmas and that it is not about toys and Santa and all the other thing, but it is to celebrate his birth, and then she told them that the wise men brought Jesus some gifts and she talked about the gifts, and then she talked about the spirit of giving. ANd then she gave us(each family) a pice of ribbon(you can use twine, or whatever) that you hang and then she gave us about 30 pieces of torn fabric, and she told the kids the everytime they do a nice deed or give a gift or do something helpful or kind for each other it is like you are doing it for Jesus and then she said to tie a piece of fabric to the string! It is a simple but fun idea because you can see the good that you and your family is doing and your kids can see it and then they are proud of themselves and want to do it more! Good Luck!