Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craigs Make up day

You may or may not remember the disaster of a birthday my amazing husband the Craig had. Just as well if you do not recall it. Any who, I thought he needed a mulligan for that one, so we had a little make up party. I made this fun little cake for him, and took a picture because it was just too cute...but I set it back on the not cooled down oven. Oops. A few minutes after I took the cake picture I reentered the kitchen area to find half of the top layer had slipped right off.
I called for Craig to come help me, and when he walked in the room to find me holding his cake together with both hands covered in frosting we both broke inro laughter.
We laughed so hard, my tummy hurt, and I had tears. We got it together ("it" being ourselves) and stuck the cake back together the best we could with toothpicks. I love that man.
The other funny part was when I forgot to remove the toothpicks, and served the cake. Luckily no one got hurt, and Craig had a nice re-do of his birthday.