Friday, January 29, 2010

One boy, one girl!

It was his Jr. year of high school when he walked into that room. There she was, a vision in her blue dress. In the middle of the chaos to be found in a high school US History class, she was the image of elegance and grace. He didn't know her name, but he was going to find it out. He slowly walked over and sat in the desk in front of her with nerves catching up (which was totally out of character for him), because he knew this moment was going to change the rest of his life. He caught his breath for a moment, and slowly turned around and said "Hi, I'm Greg Romriell...I don't think we have met". It was than that he noticed how stunning her deep blue eyes were against her fair skin, and dark hair.
She smiled back at him and said "Hi, I'm Leslie Streeper".

That is how it all started...over 40 years ago.
Greg knew once he went out with Leslie that would be the end of his single life, so he dated all of her friends, and kept a close eye on her. After a few months he got the courage to ask her out, and she said yes. They continued to date throughout their senior year of high school, and freshman year of collage. They were so in love with each other that the thought of being apart caused them physical pain. Even with this being the case, Greg went on a two year mission for the LDS church. They wrote each other every single week, and several of Gregs letters contained a proposal...which Leslie never accepted.
The day had finally come, they would hold each other once again. Greg had a plan. He had applied and been accepted to Dental school while he was still serveing his mission, and lined up a job, and place to live with his new bride. The only thing he lacked was his beutiful brides concent. That was his first order of business when he walked off the plane.
He built up the nerve to ask her to marry him...and she said yes.
They were married 3.5 weeks later, and immidiatly moved from Idaho to Kyntucky.
Fast forward 40 years, and 6 children later.
Leslie had always been one of the most intelligant people Greg had known, and he had high circles of influance. Her vocabulary was seemingly endless, and her beuty only increased over the years. She was like a fine wine, she got better with time.
Leslies friends and family started to notice things...something was going on. She could not remember the word...and she was the queen of words.
She calls me Joan..I'm susan.
She calls me her sister, or her friend...I still call her Mom.

This week we learned my Mother, Leslie Romriell, has a stage 4 brain tumor that is the size of an orange. The Doctors say they can not do anything to help her, and we have only weeks, possibly a few months left with her on this earth.

I cried!

Last night Carter was helping Craig carry some boxes upstairs, and he said to me "Mom, why do I always get the heavy stuff?", it made me laugh. I thought to myself "yes, that's what I was thinking, why do I get the heavy stuff? It's too much for me." That's when the thought came to me that Carter didn't have the heavy stuff, because his Father was carrying that for him...he only had been given what his Father knew he could carry.

Me Too.

I cried!

I know the next few months are going to be vary hard, but I'm so thankful for a family that will be together forever. We can get through this with faith, and we will always have eachother. This is how I'm getting through this trial. The love and support my family has felt has been amazing. I can not tell you how much a kind word means when you need it most. Thank you.

Love, Susan


Rosa said...

Susan -- I am so sorry for this news. You are such an example with your faith through it. Our family will continue to keep yours in our prayers. We love you guys!

Jenny Bobo said...

You really are so inspirational. I love you...but you already know that! Thinking and praying for you.

Emily said...

(tear)... I love you... that's about it.

sam and kyrsten said...

praying for you and your family. we love you guys and are so sorry for this news.

Jeff and Kiim said...

Susan im so sorry! Let us know if we can do anything for you! Love you!

Alyssa said...

Susie you are so strong. What a beautiful story. You must have amazing parents because you are so amazing!

Aarika said...

Susan, I am so incredibly sorry that you are having to face losing your AMAZING mother so soon in life! You have always been such a wonderful person and friend and your mother was just as amazing to raise you as her daughter. You are in my prayers every day and I hope that you, Craig, and your children can have peace and calm through this storm.

Angie said...

Beautiful post Sus. I love you. I am so sorry all of you have to go through this. Your mom is one in a million. A true sweetheart to the core. Love her and love you!

Greg and Carlin said...

Susan, this brought me to tears. I can't imagine the pain you and your family must be experiencing. What a beautiful post, though. I, too, will pray for you all.

Maren, Scott and Diesel said...

Just found out the news today about your mother. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Nichole said...

Big cyber hugs and shedding a tear with you. God bless you and your family.