Monday, June 28, 2010

sword fight

This is what happens when you sword fight with your big brother...and his stick is twice as big as yours!

I was making cookies, off in dreamland, when Carter came running inside and slammed the back door. As I snapped out of my dreamy mental state I noticed Layla's faint cry coming from the back yard. I asked Carter to open the door so she could come in, thinking her being outside by herself was the cause of the crying. Suddenly Layla appeared on the deck, and that is when I noticed the guilty look on Carters face. Layla had blood running from the top of her nose, all the way down her neck.
It was terrifying!
After I got the cut cleaned up i could see it wasn't as bad as it originally looked, and I got the story of what happened.
Carter- "we were sword fighting with sticks, and mine was this long" as he stretched his 5 year old arms as wide as they would go, "and hers was this big" as he bent his elbows and put his hands straight out from his sides. As I talked to Layla about it, I soon realized she wasn't crying because her nose was cut and bleeding like crazy, she was crying because she lost the sword fight! Typical Layla right there.

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