Monday, October 11, 2010

Meridales with Grandma Anna

I have the most spunky, classy, fun 90 year old grandma in the world. I could go on and on, and on, and on about how wonderful she is, and how much I love her. She has her guy friends that are constantly calling her trying to spend time in her delightful presence, and sometimes we get to benefit from her friendships. One of her friends owns an old dance hall that is being restored called "Maridales", and he invited Grandma to come see what they had done to the property and building. She invite me, and my sister Judy and our kids to come with her.

Can I just say Magical! The place was magical, and charming, and made me feel as if I had traveled back in time 50 years. I loved everything about it from the Rooster that followed us around, to the fish pond (void of any fish do to her unnamed friend over feeding and killing them all), to the duck pond with is mama duck gingerly swimming around, to the little red honey Moon cottage with the personalized hand soaps and mini fridge full of coke bottles and goodies, and the beautiful dance hall that was being renovated as we walked around. The Apple orchard filled the crisp fall air with it's sweet inviting fragrance, while the mature oak trees extended far above heat as if trying to reach heaven.

It's moments like that I feel Moms calm loving presence, and I know she is enjoying our casual outings by our sides. It seems at times that Heaven isn't so far away, and neither is she.

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