Thursday, January 13, 2011

Carters Creations

Carter has been working on his artistic skills for a while now, and he has been so much fun to watch as he grows and develops into an "artist". He comes up with something new almost every day. Sometimes he will have a common theme for a while, and then he will change it up. He has kind of been on a Dragon kick lately, but here are some other things he has done.

The other day I was putting Carters laundry away in his room and I noticed this sign hanging on his wall. I laughed my head off, so I had to share it.
no running
no eating
no jupin (jumping)
no mesis (messes)
no mooveng (moving his toys)
no staken (stacking)
no crans (crayons on the floor)
no Layla
no visudrs (visitors, but he turned the no into a yes:)


The Happy Halls said...

Way precious. Those are the things that create memories. Be sure to put that away for another day. My girls were delighted when I unearthed their "club rules" and their toothpaste, raisin and water cook book. Gotta love it! Mom Hall

abbynormal said...

The rules are definitely my favorite. Although some of them surprise me. He doesn't want to run, jump, or eat in his room??

craig&susan said...

He wants to run, jump, and eat in his room...but he doesn't want anyone else to. Hahaha

Bananabreath said...

so stinking cute! I'm laughing so hard right now.