Monday, January 31, 2011

Halloween...way after the fact

I was just fixing to print my 2010 blog book when I realized a couple key posts where missing...because I never wrote them, oops. How could I possibly leave out Halloween? Riddle me this will ya? We had a super fun Halloween this year. We spent it hanging out with grandma Anna, trunk or treating, carving pumpkins, visiting the pediatric unit, and eating LOTS of candy.
We started a new tradition this year. We were hanging out at Grandma Annas house with the Tolman crew when Judy announced to her family that they better go so they would have time to visit the pediatric unit at the hospital. I asked why they were going to the hospital, and she told me about their Halloween tradition. After all the trunk or treating, games, and parties are over they go to the hospital to trick or treat the sick kids. But, the "trick" is that they give half of their candy to the sick kids instead of asking for it. I thought this was a brilliant idea! The kids that don't get to trick or treat still get to enjoy some of the sweetness and fun of the holiday, and my kids learn to they will only be on a sugar high for half the time:)win/win. I love it.

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