Thursday, March 10, 2011


We had a Surprise party for Karen, Craigs Mom, and it was super fun. I was in charge of decorating, and we wanted to do a luau theme for it. I had a few decorations of my own, but we all know the true decorations queen is the one and only miss Karen Hall. So the trick was to get her decorations without spoiling the surprise.
I told a little fib, and said I needed them for preschool, mission accomplished.
The party was at the daws house, so we went over early and went crazy with decorating. It was really fun, and I won't looked AWESOME!
Everyone worked together to make the surprise happen, and it all worked out. Karen was totally shocked when she openend her eyes and saw everyone there. It was the first Surprise party she had ever had, and you could tell she loved it. I have so much respect and love for my Mother in law, and have been so thankful for her in my life...especially the past year. She just seems to know when I need that Motherly hug, or a little break from my perfectly sweet children.
Love you Karen, and thank you for being a wonderul Grandma to my chickies.

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