Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 2

The second day started in Vegas, we just walked around a little and looked for the more wholesome side of the strip that we could actually show the kids. haha.
As we left town we just HAD to stop at In-N-out to grab some of their greasy goodness, and off to Anaheim we went.

We met up with one of our Friends from Craig's mission, her name is Bobi. She is so good do Craig, and loves him like a close relative. We went to dinner with her at Ruby's, and I fell in love with their food. They have a great selection, and very family friendly environment with their 50's theme. I would recommend Ruby's on the pier if you find yourself in the neighborhood.

That night we got All settled into our rooms. We had two rooms that were connected. one for Lisa, Carter, and Layla, and another one for Benson, Craig, and me. After the kids were in bed Craig and I went to the grocery store to get supplies. We saved a ton of money on food by packing our own lunches, snacks, and water into the park. If you take your own lunch and snacks just remember no glass containers, and you won't have a problem. Something else we did that worked out well was our dinner plan. I prepared 4 Crock pot dinners at home before the trip, put them in bags, and froze them in the crock put. That way they were the right shape for it, and worked like ice blocks in the cooler since they were frozen solid. Each morning I would just put the meal in the crock put before we left the hotel, and when we came back at dinner time our meal was all ready for us. I bought a veggie tray, and some rolls, and we used those as the sides...viola, dinner on a budget.


Tenae said...

good idea with the crock pot.

Darci and Ryan said...

I LOVE the crock pot idea! We might try and go again next year, I will have to keep that in mind. Excited to see more about your trip. Hope you guys are doing well.