Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day at the Beach - day 5

I'm sure by now you have noticed that hairy animal growing on Craig's face, and are probably thinking the same thing I thought...why? Long story short, Craig lost a bet at work, sooooo...he had to grow a mustachio for the entire month of April. Now boys and girls, we know why we aren't supposed to make bets:)

After two long, exciting, sunshiny, amazing days in Disneyland...we were kind of pooped. We decided to spend the whole day hanging out on the beach. It was the first time the kids have been to a REAL live beach, so as you can imagine they were in heaven. Lisa and I walked down the board walk to check out the shops, and we found these star fish. A plan was hatched. We bought the star fish and snuck over to a rocky area, where we planted the two little specimens. The kids were busy looking at a sea urchin with Craig, so they totally didn't see us. I called to them to come look for shells with me, and within a couple of minute they both found a star fish...amazing! First Carter yelled out
"NO WAY! Mom, I found a star fish!" which got some heads to turn, then a minute later Layla screams "MOOOOOMMMM, I found one too!". All the other organic shell searchers where on top of us like flys on stink, with their jealous glances and stares in our direction. It was pretty hilarious if I do say so myself. One lady even told us we needed to report our find, hahaha.

The kids and Lisa where in the water doing this..

Craig and I were on the beach doing this...:)

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