Saturday, June 25, 2011

kindergarten graduation

Sometimes you just gotta brag about your kids...right? You know you've done it! I certainly have, and now I'm about to do it a little more:) This past School year Carter was in Kindergarten, and he did so well. He came home one day with a flyer and said, "Mom, I'm going to win an Ipod!" so I read the flyer and found out the story. His School was going to hold a spell-a-thon, and he had to get pledges from friends and family for each word he got right. The ONE student that raised the most money from the ENTIRE SCHOOL would get an Ipod. So, being the loving Mother I am, I thought to myself "ya right, not going to happen", but I said to him "OK honey, if you work really hard anything is possible". longs story short...He WON THE IPOD! He got 52 out of 52 words right, and raised nearly $500. Also, he was the only kindergartner invited to the Young Authors Celebration. He was chosen because of a couple of the books he wrote and illustrated. Carters teacher would read his books to his class for story time sometimes, and she submitted his name for the honor. And wait, there is more. He also excelled in reading, he is actually a grade ahead, so he got to go to the library with 2 other kids from his grade and check out special books, which was a really big high-light for him. If you can't tell by now...I'm really proud of my little buddy for all his hard work. Ok, I'm done:)

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Alyssa said...

wow, I can't believe he won! 52/52 that's awesome!!!