Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day

I was just thinking the other day about My Guy, and realized we started dating over 12 years ago. I had no idea at the time that I would be spending the rest of forever with him, or how lucky I was because of that. I didn't know he would take a sad little shriveled up plant, and turn it into something beautiful. I didn't know he would find a baby bird that fell out of it's nest, and climb our 40+ foot pine tree to return it to it's home; while every bird in the state of Idaho swooped down at him, and I screamed his name in terror (true story). I didn't know he would give me 3 of the most amazing children in the world, and spend the better part of his Fathers Day at the hospital visiting and blessing the sick.
I didn't know lots of things back in the day...but now I'm old and wise.
I know My Guy would do anything for me and our children.
I know he works 80+ hours a week so I can stay home with our little Chickie's.
I know I never ever have to worry about where he is at night.
I know I love him with my whole heart, and I hope he knows how much.

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abbynormal said...

This is beautiful. That Mr. Man sure is a good one. You two are so well-suited for each other. You're one of those couples that just make me happy when I think about you.

But I just have to say: you were never a shriveled up plant. You were always beautiful. He's just enhanced the beauty.