Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go team

Have you ever put a child in a sport only to find out they are super interested in grass, or picking dandy lions? Such was the case for Carter last year...and Layla this year. After last year with Carter I decided not to sign him up again for soccer, but he surprised me when he told me he really, really wanted to do it again. Layla, Carters little shadow, wanted to do it too of course.
Carter surprised us again when he actually really was into the whole soccer thing, and loved going to practice and his games. Layla on the other hand....really wanted to pick flowers, or play on the playground, but at least she looked super cute in her pink shin guards!

Are you looking for a fun and cute Fathers day gift that you can do with your kids? I found this super cute "super hero kit" on that the kids and I are doing for our Daddy.
I hope you are having as beautiful day at your house as we are at mine:)

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Emma said...

That is such a good idea for Fathers day! I think that we're going to do the same thing! Thanks for the idea.