Monday, June 13, 2011

Somehow Layla and I ended up having the house to ourselves, and no pressing appointments, so we decided to get some girly time in. We started the party off by making the chocolaty goodness you see pictured above, yum! I Love baking with Layla, the way she puts her little apron on, rolls up her sleeves, and is more then happy to "test" things out for me. We saw these Micky Mouse Caramel apples when we were in Disney land, and we could hardly wait to try it out ourselves.
After baking, we did our nails, and Laylas hair. Of course, we both had to put something pink on first, per request of layla. Haha, I love that little lady.

So What have you and your little Chicky's been doing to feel your summer days?


abbynormal said...

Looking for a house, yay! (I know. You wish you could be having this much fun.)

craig&susan said...

yay for Abby! That is a big deal, to me that says "hey guys, we're going to be here a while", how fun for you:)