Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July night

As I mentioned in the last post, the kids and I went to Island park for the weekend of the 4th, but we came home in time to do fireworks and a pick nick with Craig.
We decided to get us some KFC, and have ourselves a pick nick at the park, but the Storm had other plans. On our way to the park it started raining buckets, so we drove to a parking garage and had our little pick nick in there. It turned out to be so fun, something totally different then we would normally do. After the pick nick we went home and lit our fireworks while listening to patriotic music. I loved having the music, it added so much to the whole experience. After our fireworks we drove Craig's truck to our secret location to watch the big show, where we all sat in the back of the truck and ate red vines. After the show Carter, Layla, and I lay down for the ride home. It was their first time riding in back, and it was a magical moment with the combination of giggles, stars, and fireworks all around....perfect:)

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