Monday, July 11, 2011

4th Of July

My family has a cabin in Island Park, and every year for the 4th of July we have a BIG reunion up there that lasts the whole weekend. It's with my the 6 children in my Dads family, and all their children, and all their it's lots of people, and lots of fun. Craig had to work this year over the weekend, but I thought I would be super woman, and take the kids up anyway.
My Dad rented a beautiful cabin near the family cabin for my siblings and I to stay in. It was so fun to go back to our cabin at the end of the day and sit in the hot tub, and play games till the weeeee hours of the morning. During the day we got to do all the fun camping stuff that kids love most.
At one point the ladies decided to take a ladies only boat ride, cranked up ABBA, and surfed behind the boat. It was my first time surfing, and I totally loved it. Even though Layla tripped while we were out, and her front tooth went through her lip; and Carter through the BIGGEST tantrum of his life because I was going on the boat without him...I'm still glad I went.

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