Thursday, September 15, 2011


It seems Layla has a new obsession as of late, and I have absolutly no idea where it came from. Brains. She has been heard saying things like, "let's squish that bugs brains out" or when I told her she is smart "that's because I have an extra large brain". When she got to the pit in her peach she yelled with excitment "yay, I found it's brain...but I am NOT going to eat it!". The other day we went on a little family hike on Craigs day off, and there were some tree roots visible on the trail, so she would say "there's a brain, and there's a brain, hahaha, and look's another brian." as she stomped on them with her happy little feet. I LOVE the stages children go through as they learn and grow, and the funny things they say and do. Layla is a constant stream of hilliarium (I may have just made that word up), always keeping things exciting at our home.

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Emma said...

I agree, I love the things that kids say! I love your kids, they are so cute!