Thursday, October 6, 2011

Favorite Friday (early)

Every Fall, as a Child, Mom would take us for a hike in the mountains. We each had a bag to keep  our treasures in. We were on the hunt...for the most beautiful leaves. After we were all satisfied that we had found the most beautiful leaves on the planet, we eagerly went home, and carefully used them to create our own "Fall Place mat". To this day, I still have some of my favorites from years past, and have continued this fun tradition with my own crew.

 Craig was trying to take a picture of us from our reflection on the dirty mini vans' window:) I love how you can see Benson yelling at us from inside the car, haha.

 Gosh, isn't this just breathtaking! I love it.

 Carter spotted a water snake with his awesome eye spying eyes, so Craig tried to catch it. Sadly, (said with sarcasm) the little guys got away. Too bad;)

 Craig gave Baby B a wild berry to try out. Did he like it?...not so much.

 I kind of feel in love with this picture of Carter and Layla Lou

 If you want to make your very own "fall place mat", here is what you do.

You need:
thin flowers
contact paper

Cut 2 pieces of your Contact paper to the size you would like your mat to be. Carefully, and artistically, arrange your leaves, flowers, and pictures on the sticky side of  1 piece of contact paper. When you are happy with the way it looks, place the other piece of contact paper (sticky side down) over your masterpiece.

So easy. So fun. so do it:)

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