Monday, October 3, 2011

The big 30

Guess what I did this weekend...other than watch a WONDERFUL General Conference?!?!
Give up?
I entered a new decade of my life!
Now, I am well aware of  the feelings of grief, sadness, pity, disappointment, and depression that some people have felt on this milestone, entrence to a new decade, birthday. However, I do have to say, I   didn't feel any of the aforementioned feelings.   
I am completely pumped up about being 30! I have this feeling that my 30's hold greatness for our little family, and I really think I'm going to enjoy what the 30's have in store. You know what they say right? ...30 is the new 20.

 I know Mom is rolling over in her grave right about now, but I have ALWAYS wanted a TV in my bedroom (sorry Mom, I know you've always hated the idea, but I still love & respect you), and my wish finally came true:) I don't know if you can tell in the below picture, but I was so excited that I may have gotten a little teary eyed. I just Love the idea of falling asleep (which I ALWAYS do) to a movie, and not having to get up and walk to my bed. YAY for me, I guess dreams really do come true. hahaha.

In between Conference sessions, we went for a drive/walk in the mountains. I LOVE going up there this time of year, and seeing vibrant colors that abound as the leaves Begin to turn. I had a hay day taking pictures, but I'll save those for another day. I'll just say, it was rejuvenating and perfect.

That night Dad came  over for dinner. One of my favorite things to do is cook dinner with my hunky husband, so we did that:) It was Delish! Once we got dinner all cleaned up I started to make cupcakes, and Dad didn't feel like I should make my own birthday cake, so he joined me. It was so fun baking with him.
When it comes to birthdays, I guess it really comes down to one thing for me. It's better to have them then not to!

Happy birth month Preston, Jeff, and Becky. I hope you have it, rather then not:)


abbynormal said...

Happy happy 30 to you!! I was thinking about you this weekend, and I had the thought, "hey! I think it's her birthday!" I didn't exactly rush to my computer/phone to give you birthday wishes, but I was definitely sending happy birthday thoughts to you through the airwaves. Did you get them? I hope so!! Love you girl!!

Tasha said...

Yay! What a great attitude!! Happy Birthday! Love ya!