Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite Friday

About a year ago I had a chunk of hair that suddenly went curly...very curly! I'm talking, super tight, Afro style, curly. It was the weirdest thing. I tried to use a flat iron on it, hair wax, curling iron, oil, and about 10 other things, but nothing seemed to help. I told my Friend that does hair about it, and she recommended this blessed product to me.
 It was love at first try. It's called "it's a 10"

It says on the front "miracle leave-in product", and it's not a kidden. I use this stuff every day after I take a bath, I spray it on while my hair is still wet, and it works it's magic. "it's a 10" can help with:

repairing dry, damaged hair.
Adds shine.
controls frizz.
seals and protects hair color.
prevents split ends.
stops hair breakage.
creates silkiness.
enhances natural body.
flat iron spray & thermal protector.

I don't get any kind of kick back or anything if you  buy this stuff, I just thought you might enjoy having luscious locks:)

Happy Friday.

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Beckie said...

I LOVE this stuff too! I've used it for almost 2 years now for dry ends and stuff and it really is amazing :D