Friday, January 13, 2012

Favorite Fridays

We made the yummyest treat the other day, with extras to share (at least that's what I told myself) ;). They were Fast, easy, inexpensive, and oh so good.
We call them "S'mores on a stick"

You will need:
Popsicle sticks
milk chocolate chips
crushed graham crackers
Big Marshmallows
Wax paper

 First of all, You melt the chocolate morsels. To do this you can use a double broiler if your Fancy, or if you bake ghetto style like me place 1 Cup of water in a sauce pan on the stove, with a pie tin on top:) bring the water to a simmer, and dump your chocolate in the pie tin. Stir. when it's smooth you will poke a Popsicle stick in a marshmallow, and dip the mallow in the chocolaty goodness.

 Second, roll the mallow in the crushed Graham crackers

last, place them on wax paper to set. After they were set I wrapped them in cellophane and tied a ribbon around the stick to make a fun little gift.

This weekend you should get yourself a red box, soft snugly blanket, and make some of these goodies to indulge on. Happy Weekend:)

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