Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Date night

 Date night is my favorite night of the week...fo show

 It's always so great to get Craig all to myself to....talk?!?

 He is really good at paying attention to where he is driving when I'm in the car with him!

I get a chance to shower, fix my hair, and do my make up;)

And we get to drive a different new car every week for our date (hence the plastic covering the floor), just a nice little bonus;) Sometimes we just go on drives for our date...is that weird? I love the chance to catch up without little interruptions.

These pictures were all taken with my phone, and it wasn't taking very clear pictures, so I had a friend take a look at it....the lens was dirty. hahaha

I want to plan some exciting, inexpensive dates for this year, do you have any fun ideas?

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