Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reveal...for real! $10 makover

                           After- so, have I mentioned that I had a budget of $10 for this little makeover?

True story....$10, do you think it was worth it? I totally do. I'll show you some of the projects closer up, but I just realized I have 2 more walls you really can't see in this I'll just have to show those another day;)
                                           I made curtains and a dust ruffle with some cute sheets, and found the right sticks to use as the curtain rods. I think the material brought just the right amount of color into the room.

This shot shows the dust ruffle, and the other ruffle cuteness:) What would you call it?

I found this adorable little birdie at a vintage shop for $1.00, and fell in love with it.

This is our handcast (done by of course) ;) I LOVE it because we did this back when Craig and I both still had our original wedding rings.

The "capiz shell" like chandelier I made with wax paper:) that was a fun project.

The yarn and push pin tree, I love what it adds to the room.

Yarn and push pin birdie

And there you have it:) It was lots of fun redecorating my room, and a fun challenge to do it with only $10
I hope this can inspire you do get creative, and make something beautiful.
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abbynormal said...

Love! Susie-Q, you are so creative. Bravo! Best part is, you get to enjoy it again and again, every single day. :)