Sunday, January 29, 2012

tea party in a tent

My brother & his family, who I Love to pieces, were here from Indiana for about a week. One day it ended up just being me and the girls here, and Benson was taking a nap. I started thinking about how fun I thought forts were back in the day, and the great memories I have building them with my Mom.
Suddenly out of no where an idea struck me.
The girls were watching a movie on my bed, so I closed the door and told them to stay put for a few minutes. I rushed down to Laylas' room and snatched all her blankets and sheets off her bed. I ran back upstairs to the office, and constructed a princess fort with all the pink, purple, and teal pillows and blankets on the premises. 
Then, another idea struck, so I ran back downstairs and grabbed and princess dress ups and tea party supplies. 
I took the dress ups in to the girls and told them I had someplace magical to show them, but only princess' were allowed, so they needed to put their gear on...and come up with their princess names, of course.
For the rest of the evening they were princess Pink, and Princess Purple. 

I had them close their eyes as I led them to the fort, and I wish I had recorded their faces when they opened their adorable! It was way more whimsical in person...for real.
In fact, the magic in the air was so thick.....

That I turned into their Fairy God Mother. hahaha
We finished our tea party, then painted our nails, and did a little make up (blush and lip gloss) before heading to the ball. This was a special ball though, so we played freeze dance;) and I taught them the ballet positions, and a couple basics. I actually got way into it, hehehe.

I LOVE these girls, and hope we can make some good lasting memories together. It only would have been better if all the girl cousins could have been there:( next time I'll have to actually plan it before hand;)

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