Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sun Valley

We were recently given that chance to go to Sun Valley with our friends the Dillers, and spend the weekend. It was so much fun! Ever since my camera went swimming (in the toilet) it just hasn't performed the same (hence the weird line in most of my pictures).

We rode the Gondola up to  round house, and played some cards up there. The view was breathtaking.

the view from round house

the Dillers on the gondola

Me and the famous Sun at Sun Valley Village

Me and the Mr.  He didn't get to stay the whole time, so that's why he isn't in all the pictures;)

Games, games, more games. I LOVED it.

Our kids were able to join us Saturday and Sunday, but we don't have any pictures. It was a really nice little get away, and fun chance to reconnect.

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