Monday, January 14, 2008


we have been saying night time prayers with Carter for a while now, but just recently he started adding his own thoughts to what we tell him to say. It is so funny. He will say "thankful for the Prophet, and Brocky, and Jaxey, and Kaiden", or sometimes he blesses his toys, cat food, or whatever. He is so fun to watch as he grows up.
Layla has started really getting around. She crawls very well now, and has a fascination with the toilets, and our plants. Any time I'm not paying attention to her she will go play with one of those things. She is a little smarty. I am so excited, because this weekend I discovered that her hair is finally long enough to do a pony tail on top. So cute.
Tomorrow we are planning on going through the Rexburg temple, so I'll let you know how that went next time.

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