Friday, January 18, 2008

from the mouth of babes

Just a couple of funny things I've heard Carter say while he has been playing with his toys. His imagination has really taken off lately, and it's so fun to listen to him. yesterday he was in his room playing and I overheard him say to his trains "Come on guys, I'm not playing games now, okay". That one come directly from his Father. Today we were having quiet time, and he snuck out of his room and hid behind my chair that I was sitting in. I told him quiet time was not over, so he need to go back to his room for a little while. When he went back I heard this:
Carter "Mommy said quiet time not over"
Toy (in high pitched voice) "oh, okay"
Carter "So I have to stay in mine room"
Toy "okay. Are you dinky (stinky)?"
Carter "Yeah, I'm dinky"
I was getting a kick out of the conversation he was having, until I remembered he didn't have a diaper on. Opps.


Bobo's said...

It is so fun isn't it to hear what they come up with. Jaxon is getting really funny too. Gosh, we sure miss you guys. I'm so glad you started this blog though so I can keep up with you.

Brandie said...

You write very well.