Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm a rock star

I realized the power of posative thinking, or the law of relativity last week. Craig and I were watching the news together, and I said to him "I should call them tomorrow to see if I could come on the morning show for some kind of Valentines day segment, or something like that." The next morning KPVI news channel 6 called me. doo dooo dooo dooo doo dooo doo dooo. They came over and we shot the piece a couple of days later. I am really excited to see how it comes out. It will be aired a couple of times, but the full story will air Feb. 17th at 5. 6. 9. and 10:00pm. Toon in for a good time. I went and hung out with my cousin Scott and his wife Kim on saterday, because they are moving to Hawii today, and most likely will not be back for a couple of years. Scott about has me talked into coming to visit them in a year (twist my arm A little harder). How fun would that be? we could stay at the military lodging and use their car for transportation, and we would have our very own tour guides. Can't beat that with a stick.Have you ever played rock band? I highly recommend it. Craig and I played with our friends Crystal and Dillon last weekend, and it was a blast. Even if all the songs were 80's rock, who cares, you get to sing into the mike, and bang on the drums. Very nice, thanks come again.

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Becky said...


your blog is great! It's fun to read about what you are up to. The pictures of the kids are so cute!Love, Becky